Stainless Wire Trellis

We have a broad range of wire trellis systems designed to create Green Walls of all sizes. Whereas traditionally a Green Wall would have been a facade with plants growing directly on it, our system protects the facade and offers an alternative support structure for the plants to grow on. 

One obvious benefit of installing a Green Wall is the asethetic improvement that it offers. But there are in fact many other benefits that are less commonly known such as:
  • Thermal - Green walls significantly reduce solar gain. They can also keep heat in to help prevent a building from cooling to much at night.
  • Acoustic - Plants are proven to absorb sound.
  • Increased bio-diversity. 
  • Graffiti prevention.
  • Facade protection - The Green Wall will shield the main facade of the building from the elements. 
Our Wire Trellis components are all made from high quality 316 Stainless Steel, becuase of this our system is highly durable and suitable for use in many environments.

With over 20 years’ experience with ‘Green Walls’, should you want to call to discuss your project, so you can be assured of valuable design and product advice.